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About Brock Misner

Brock Misner is a distinguished figure in the world of digital marketing. With over a decade of experience as a Google ad buyer, social media specialist, and search engine optimization (SEO) expert. He has carved out a notable presence both online and offline. Brock is the visionary founder of Misner Marketing and Marketing Divine, where he applies his expertise to drive significant business growth.


Brock's insights and strategies in digital marketing have made him a sought-after speaker and he is invited to some of the most significant SEO and marketing conferences every year. His talks focus on the effective use of digital marketing and paid media channels, including Google and Facebook Advertising.

His expertise is not just limited to speaking engagements; Brock also shares his knowledge through various online platforms. He runs several popular education programs, including in-person events and masterminds focused on positively impacting the industry. These platforms serve as valuable resources for SMB owners, agency owners, and other marketers, covering various topics from SEO to social media and pay-per-click marketing.

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Its 2024 and to be a relevant business in the modern world you need to be on social media.

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The ebook title says it all. This is an A-Z how-to complete with video tutorials on everything you need to do to get more customers to call your business online. We tell you everything from how to search higher in Google's "map pack" to setting up your first TicTok video and everything in between.


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