My name is Brock Misner, and I have been a digital marketer for the past 13 years. During that time, focusing my area of expertise in Google Pay Per Click, Facebook Advertising, and Search Engine Optimization. I also train and teach other marketers, agency and business owners to expand their exposure online.



I am passionate about everything internet marketing.

Brock Misner
Brock Misner – digital marketer



SEO Services For Local Businesses

Local SEO services or search engine optimization services can assist local businesses, helping you get to the top of search results for keywords your customers are typing into Google. We know how to optimize a website and also ensure that it is properly mapped on various location-based directories such as Google my Business and Bing Places. A good local SEO service will provide local businesses with multiple options they can choose from when it comes to carrying out their marketing strategy.

Local Citations & N.A.P.

Citations are local business listings across the web that have your local details. These citations often show up on local directories, local Chamber of Commerce websites, etc… But actual presence will make sure you get listed and ranked higher in local results! An expert local SEO service ensures they help local businesses to build citations with correct and complete information which helps in increasing their profile on the web. Google also analyzes these to see if there’s a website associated with it or not.

Google My Business (Map Pack)

this is a good way of understanding how local your business or company’s website might be ranking. It essentially entails checking what local keywords you rank for. We also provide businesses with monthly reports on their local performance and the different local ranking factors and map ways to improve them for better results.

Google My Business Management

Ensuring that your local business has a complete profile, regular promotions, information about working hours, feedbacks, etc… This ensures that you are ranked higher than your competitors on Google maps! An expert local SEO service will ensure that listings get more reviews and they monitor them frequently so as to correct any inaccuracies or problems in these. They also help local businesses rank higher in the organic search results.

Competitive research

– A proper local SEO campaign involves constant competitive analysis where experts identify local competitors and study what makes them better than other players in your market. These KPIs including content, ranking factors, backlinks, and then find ways to beat them. This is done by running a competitor analysis report. This should be included in a good “audit” along with a technical analysis report.

Technical SEO

The experts perform technical optimization of your site so as to ensure compliance with all major local SEO rules. They ensure that there are no broken pages, subdomain errors, sub-pages not linked correctly, etc. These experts also check for crawl ability factors like page load speed etc., so as to ensure enhanced user experience across devices! This again is part of an “SEO audit,” after you can develop proper digital marketing or SEO strategy.

Brock Misner Digital Marketer

We are a local SEO company that can help you get started and maintain local search rankings. Our SEO providers include local consultants and local digital marketing experts. We offer custom local SEO services like local website maintenance and management, citation building, backlinking, and all of the above. We are able to give you a free consultation about what your business needs and how they plan to provide you with local SEO services!

Let us help you create an overall strategy for reaching your audience online through digital channels such as mobile, google maps, websites, pay-per-click ads, social media, etc., so as to ensure your complete brand representation across the web!


From start to finish, a beautiful website.


Experience in mobile application development.


Expert advise for consistent and secure code.


Fashion is a popular aesthetic expression in a certain time and context, especWhether local or not, we can help your local business with cannot be overlooked. Local SEO services! If you are local, expect more leads and visibility for your company. Simply put, local SEO services will make your website show up in local search results!